About The Jug Band

Asking the eternal question...how many guitars is too many guitars?

From humble backyard beginnings rises The Jug Band. Noted particularly for being one of the few bands with "jug band" in their name that does not actually have someone playing the jug (at least, not yet). Instead the band focuses on good time music...from reinterpreted standards and classics to heartfelt originals, all harkening back to those summer nights with a fire in the backyard, a warm feeling in your soul, and the people you love all around.Look for a Jug Band show near you (or book them yourself) and come out for a great time!

Got Pictures of the Jug Band?

It's hard to take pics of yourself when you're on stage

London Bridge

Been at one of our shows and managed to get some good snaps of us? Care to share? One of the constants in the Jug Band is that moment, about 2 minutes before show time, when one of us turns to the other and says: Hey, did you remember to bring the camera this time? Which usually results in much complaining and a few crappy pics from some cell phone. If you took some and would like to share them and have them posted in the Gallery, send them on to: 


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We're not that tech-savvy, but we love the MyFace on the Intertubes

If you're on Facebook, follow us HERE and  have yet another outlet for all your Jug Band news and information. You can even talk back to us from time to time.

Album News

In that there is no album and therefore very little news...

This section is a hybrid of "status update" and "joke" -- The Jug Band has many miles to go before their much-requested and often-discussed first release is ready for primetime. But if they see it on the website enough, and folks like YOU ask for it, perhaps things will materialize. 

Current Album Status: Theoretical